About Us

Jeanne Davidson Fine Prints has been a leading dealer in Modern Japanese Woodblock prints since 1982, offering an outstanding collection of museum quality works of art on paper. Our emphasis is on traditional Shin Hanga from the 1920s and 1930s and innovative Sosaku Hanga from the 1950s and 1960s.

Our extensive Shin Hanga collection depicts scenes from everyday life including landscapes, theater, beautiful women and nature. These works were created using the traditional methods of ukiyo-e but incorporated light, shadow and western perspective. Shin Hanga artists are represented by Hasui, Kasamatsu, Koitsu, Shoson, Shotei, and Yoshida among others. We also carry a small selection of Japonisme from the early twentieth century which includes the western artists Bartlett, Hyde, Keith, Lum and Miller.

We are particularly proud of our diverse collection of works by Japan's finest mid- twentieth century artists. The Sosaku Hanga period of the 1950s and 1960s was one of dynamic new artistic vision and innovative printing techniques. Artists of the period departed from the Japanese tradition and became their own designer, carver, printer and publisher using a wide variety of methods and materials. Azechi, Hagiwara, Inagaki, Iwami, Saito, Sekino and other fine Sosaku Hanga artists are well represented in our inventory. We also carry an evolving selection of works by Barbara Johnson and Michele Papavasiliou, contemporary American artists influenced by the Japanese aesthetic and artistic tradition.

Jeanne Davidson Fine Prints specializes in developing collections for both the novice and experienced collector and in finding that rare and unique print to enhance an already established collection. All inquiries are invited. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge regarding the care and collecting of Modern Japanese Woodblock prints.

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